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Computer & Network Support

“We give our clients a stable functional computer and network environment.”

One of Monterra's strengths is in Network and Computer Support. With over 30 plus years of experience.

What We Do....

- We will work closely with your personnel departments to implement and deliver solutions on time and on budget.  If you don’t have an IT Management Department we can function as that department helping you manage your technology needs in a cost effective way.

- We will closely monitor and guard your technology investment, so that you have the highest possible return on that investment.

- We here at Monterra realize that your computer systems are critical in running your business, and we pledge to never lose sight of that.

Our mission:

“Give our clients the highest quality work in the technology industry.”

Our team at Monterra provides professional consulting in areas of:

* Advanced IT Support,

* Digital Surveillance & Access Control

* IT implementation & Logistics  

Digital Surveillance & Access Control ImplementationDigital Surveillance & Access Control

"Security is the degree of protection to safeguard a nation, union of nations, persons or person against danger, damage, loss, and crime." * (Source: wikipedia.org/wiki/Security)

security network is a process which has a bearing on each department and every employee.

Online Tech Support Services

”Get remote Online Tech Support Here.”

When Instructed by one of our support techs - Click here to get the support you need.

“Our technology team consists of military and retired law enforcement personnel with over 30 Plus years of trusted security experience.”

How we Serve:
Monterra Inc can assist to create and transform your vision or challenge into an actionable plan.
We will provide dedicated leadership to drive it through completion. We work with vendor to foster cross-functional collaboration, manage stakeholder relationships, and implement the processes and tools needed to realize your organization's project to it's full potential.